This 1895 structure still stands!  Built decades before the glamorous Art Deco era of the roaring 1920′s Asheville architecture is renowned for, this sturdy building was once an ordinary retail space and offices.  In its 120 years of life it has quietly supported a Bicycle Shop, Sawyer Motor Cars, a community service group known as The Oddfellow Society, Law offices and a Bank.  As the saying goes, if these walls could talk…there is no doubt they would have many stories to tell.  In 2008, it’s new owners decided to restore its historical elements such as the original look of the windowed storefront entrance, original oak and heart pine hardwood floors and original molding and trim on the third floor.  Ah, but they would not stop there.  All the while maintaining the building’s key historic elements the future goal of the project was to  create a Modern, High Tech Energy Efficient “Green” Renovation! It is a successful new and updated story these walls now tell as they boast of solar panels on the roof for hot water, energy efficient lighting, highly efficient heating/cooling systems that  use environmentally friendly coolants, highly insulated-energy envelope efficiency, fresh air systems that use recovery ventilators, Recycled sheet rock and steel framing materials, low VOC paint and wood stains and other “green” products.  It is now called The Altamont, a name suggested by a family member with Asheville roots, paying homage to the great literary figure, Thomas Wolfe, who used Altamont as his fictitious name for Asheville in Look Homeward Angel.  Today, it stands anew…Infused with modern technology and environmentally safe features atop its roof, within its walls and below one’s footsteps.  The Altamont honors the past, acknowledges the present and is committed to the future!